Project Management

Total Tank Services has the project expertise to manage a full range of tank and vessel maintenance & repairs from the full scope of facility decommissioning through to conducting asset preventative maintenance.


Our service offer includes, work scope & project documentation development, work planning, quality assurance & control, traceability, control & allocation of resources, standards compliance, all while integrating our presence with site operations, minimizing our commercial impact.


Our one stop shop approach to Tank maintenance allows us to swiftly take on additional scope, planned or unplanned, which prevents the unnecessary cost to the client of having to mobilize other contractors & their equipment to the job site, whether it be a metro, regional, remote or offshore location.  


Total Tank Services understands each project is unique whether it be because of geography, location, environment, size, operations or asset failure, being why the planning phase remains very important in any projects outcome.   


As part of quality planning, specific inspection and test plans are established, and detailed hazard analysis assessments are completed to maximize safety